Shabbat Your Shalom: Book-Killer Edition

I was just fired from my second job at a crappy bookstore. For vengeance, I’m providing all of you with awesome things to read online. Die, paper, die.

Curt Schilling, of the bloody sock fame, has officially retired. The Globe‘s ridiculously Bostonian sports columnist Dan Shaughnessy has a little retrospective. Me? I can’t say I’ll miss him. Winning the 2004 Series was great, of course, but it was soured by Schilling’s very public, adamant support for George W. Bush, who got reelected less than one month later. This past fall, Schilling and I worked against each other as he stumped in New Hampshire for McPain/Failin’. I’m glad I don’t have to pretend to respect him anymore.

Watch out, red cheeked drinkers. You could have an increased risk for conditions far worse than a hangover.

It’s hard to just eat a small amount of meat. We’ve all had that moment where we get our filet mignon and been like “hey waiter, a little too much mignon, not enough filet over here.” Just kidding, we can’t afford food like that. The new trend in socially responsible eating is “almost meatless.” The NYT elaborates.

Oh, and all the salt we’re eating will probably kill us. No more Rice-a-Roni, SF’ers!

Speaking of the New York Times, Ross Douthat analyzes what “tough on crime” means now that the 90’s have come and gone. Coates has a poignant response, with an anecdote about a friend of his that you really should read (it happened in my backyard).

Vermont’s efforts to legalize gay marriage may have taken a hit, but marriage equality received a symbolic boon in the form of former McCain adviser Steve Schmidt.

Yes! I had this exact thought! I was watching TV the other night and I was like “That new Quizno’s commercial is such a blatant attempt to tap the gay and/or S&M market.” Dang.

Senator Webb takes on prison reform. It’s a tough job, but he’s a good guy to be on the case.

The thrice-married Newt Gingrich becomes a Catholic this weekend. The overtly-British Christopher Buckley points out all the ironies. (For our younger readers: Newt Gingrich was shtupping his young blond staffer – not his wife – while trying to impeach President Clinton for lying about infidelity). President in 2012? I think not.

And finally, Zander reviews I Love You, Man.

Finally finally, read these two blogs: the artful debtor and The Sounds of Douchebag America.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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